Announcement on the organization of the 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting on Hydrology

Administration – General Department would like to inform the Researchers of the content of Official Letter No. 278 / ĐHTL-KHCN on “Organizing Scientific Conference 2017”


The 2017 Annual Scientific Conference of the Water Resources University will be held on 17 November 2017.

Conference Objective: To present the results of research, exchange and cooperation on the subject

Irrigation and hydropower works
Field of civil and industrial construction
Field of traffic and geotechnical works
Irrigation techniques, planning and management of irrigation systems, multi-purpose water supply;
Hydrology, hydraulics, disaster management, and climate change;
The field of electrical, energy and renewable energy;
Economics, finance, management;
Field of mechanics, automation;
Field of science, technology, environmental management;
Field of Computer Science and Technology, Basic and Applied Sciences, Remote Sensing and GIS;
Field of teaching methods, political theory, social sciences and humanities, skill development;
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Time and Plan:

On 15/8/2017, the deadline to post online at:

All information sent to the organizers, please contact the address below:

Department of Science and Technology, University of Water Resources – 175 Tay Son – Dong Da – Hanoi

Tel: 04.38534198; Email:

Note: Quality reports will be printed in the College’s 2017 Annual Scientific Conference (ISBNs), which has been scientifically endorsed by the Irrigation Science Council.