International cooperation projects

October 12, 2014. Center for Environmental Hydrodynamics – University of Natural Sciences – VNU and Project Management Unit Component 2 “Strengthening Weather Forecasting and Early Warning System” under the Vietnam Disaster Management Project Nam (WB5) (PMO) / National Meteorological and Hydrographic Center (NHMS). Contract C2-DV1 under the project “System Integration and Technical Assistance to Strengthen Weather Forecasting and Early Warning System in Vietnam”, signed the contract “Vn-Haz / WB5”. About System Integration and Technical Support to strengthen the weather forecasting and early warning system in Vietnam. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Ngoc Anh (direct coordinator) in Vietnam.

DHQGHN The signing ceremony took place well, the parties agreed and requested Center for Environmental Dynamics Dynamics to be the representative of Vietnam and responsible for the use of vnd money.